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Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

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Indoor Maintenance

  • Clean or replace filters.

  • Check for leaks in the duct-work.

  • Check for any unusual odors in your system.

  • Listen for abnormal noises when your system starts.

  • Inspect refrigerant leaks, control box wiring, and connections.


...and much more!


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Outdoor Maintenance

  • Clean dirt, leaves and debris outside the main cabinet.

  • Inspect base pans for blocked drain openings.

  • Inspect coils and cabinets for any holes and leaks.

  • Inspect fan blades to determine wear and damage.

  • Examine and clean outside control box associated with unit.

  • Check AHU, MAU, VAV boxes.

  • Inspect refrigerant leaks and ventilation systems.

...and much more!


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